Wishes And Horses Concluding Part

Auchi Herself:

Thank God for a somehow elderly man and his driver who carried me out the hall when I fainted! After I regained consciousness ,they dropped me at my house. I had no choice but to tell the elderly man why I fainted. He asked where I was from and seemed very sympathetic and deep in thought. After thanking the elderly man, I got out of the car.He insisted that his driver must walk me to my door. At my door, the driver quickly put his hands in his shirt pocket and said “Oga said, I should give you” I said to the driver ”Thank your Boss, but I didn’t render any service, what is the money for?” I quickly opened the door and shut it behind me; hissing.

After, I waved good-bye to the only friend that had some spare cash to lend me. The money was just enough to get to the village and give my brother chop money for a few days. I knew this was a punishment from my late Mother, and sighed. As I walked into my compound I saw someone standing by my door, but I couldn’t make out the face. When I got closer I saw the face. It was the Elder man’s driver.He introduced himself as Mr. Fatai.”Okay”, I said.”Mr. Fatai Good afternoon. What brings you to my compound?”

“My Boss said I should be on standby to take you to the village”
“Thanks a lot, please thank your Boss well well. Everything has been taken care of, including my transport there.

Mr. Fatai looked like he was about to say something but then, changed his mind and left. Stupid pride! The lift would have saved me some money! I cried some more about Mama. At dawn I was in front of my gate waiting for a bike to get me to the park, when a black Toyota corolla pulled up beside me and asked me to get in. I was about to hiss, when I noticed that it was Mr. Fatai. There was no need to argue. I got in.

The drive was smooth. We talked a little and before long, we got to the village. I hurriedly thanked him as I beckoned on him to drop me by the main junction to the house. It wouldn’t look right for a strange man to drop me off in front of the house when I had just lost my Mother.

I half ran and half  walked to the fork junction that led to the house. I saw a few neighbours on the way and said hello. I wasn’t sure, but they seemed to stare at me disapprovingly. The main door to the corridor that was usually left open was shut. I pushed it open and called out my Brother’s name.I was surprised that none of cousins or Aunts were around. There seemed to be no one around. Fear gripped me as I approached my Mother’s room. I opened the door slowly hoping her spirit was not lurking around waiting to flog me with koboko. To my utter shock, sitting on chair in her towel, was my Mother’s ghost. I fainted!!

When I woke up, my Mother’s spirit was splashing water on my face and telling me that she was no spirit. She asked me to pinch her and I did. It was then I knew it was true. My brother came up from behind her and said, ‘Sister the thing wey you do Mama, no good at all” you dey enjoy for Lagos, you con, forget us for here, abi?
My Mother got up and said she as really unhappy because it was the news of her death that brought me home.

“This is not how we raised you” Have you forgotten who you are? I am pained that you treated me this way!”

There was not much to be said. I got on the floor and held on to her feet and cried like a baby! Catarrh came down my nose and my clothes became dirty from lying on the bare floor. I sobbed and begged for her forgiveness.

Mama looked at me and said, “lucky for you, your friend over there explained everything that happened to you, and he has spoken like a wise old man”. “I forgive you my Daughter, but never in your life, should you try it again! I was wondering which friend she meant. Suddenly I saw the elderly man from the wedding, walk in with some yams, plantain, and the like. I was confused. When I looked towards the direction mama had used her nose to point to, the man seated in the chair behind me was Mr. Fatai!

“Mr. Fatai, please why is your Boss in our house carrying food stuff?” Mama had got up to supervise where the food stuff would be put. “My name is not Fatai, its Benson. Fatai is the old man’s name – he pointed to the elderly man’s direction. He is the driver / PA turned relative. He has been in the family since I was a boy.

It was my Father’s dying wish for me to be happily married. Our switching roles is a game we have played since my father’s death! I’ve been searching for a woman who is not materialistic and level headed. You see, my father had a lot of businesses and property. I did not want to get the wrong woman, so Mr. Fatai and I put the ladies to the test. They usually failed! From my own investigation and how you have behaved today, you are the one I’ve been looking for. I fainted again. This time I became conscious after a few minutes. I smiled. This is my wish come true!

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