The Two Shall be Twain One Flesh Part 2

About a year later, I had just come out of a store and made my way to my car and was just about to open the door when I noticed how close the next car was parked to mine. I hissed and looked into the other car so I could vex and tell the person off. I looked into the car and guess who I saw, It was Mrs Suzy. She saw me too! After the exchange of pleasantries I asked after “Mr Suzy and the children” She said the children were fine and that “Mr. Suzy was nowhere to be found” I wondered whether he was kidnapped. She went on ..”hmmmm.. the story is an epilogue for a Saturday  afternoon after a heavy meal of pounded yam, efo riro  with pkomo and goat meat accompanied by a cold bottle of Malt drink.

“My Husband left us. He woke up the same way he has woken up for the years we were together, there was no fight or issue! !We prayed together and I put his lunch in his car as I always do, and we waved goodbye. He didn’t come home that day and his phone was off. I searched for him all over the place and informed family, friends and church members of his disappearance. After about 3 days of a fruitless search I thought about putting his picture up on social media and on television. I needed money to pay for the TV advert, so I had to get to the bank branch in my area. The cashier who attended to me, I believe was trying to get me to open another account when he asked

“Madam instead of withdrawing N2million cash everyday, why don’t you do a transfer to the beneficiary, its safer for you and there won’t be any shortages”

Mrs Suzy: Really, and how many times have I withdrawn this week? I asked

Cashier: 4 times up till yesterday, all withdrawn by Femi Sowola

Mrs Suzy: I didn’t hear anything else I asked to retrieve my cheque and increased the amount to the minimum amount I could withdraw without him

I imagined that Femi had been kidnapped and the criminals had forced him to withdraw all those monies. I quickly alerted the bank and left.

I drove like a mad woman to his office in Surulere, in case they had some useful information, it had skipped my mind to go there. The receptionist seemed a little surprised to see me. After exchanging pleasantries I asked about Femi. She said she wasn’t sure when last she saw him. She said it had been weeks, but that I could go in and see his partner. The partner, I had no knowledge of! I was ushered into the partner’s office and was shocked to discover that it was a woman! She was sitting in my husband’s chair. One thing led to the other. I told her my mission and had to show her our family photo to convince her that I was who I said I was. We talked. Apparently, my Husband had sublet the office to her and had begged her not to sack any of his staff. It was exposeé after exposé. The most shocking one of all, was that I was not the wife he had introduced to her when he handed over the keys of the office. It was then it hit me! He had left with another woman! I reported the matter to his family and the elders in the Church. It seemed that they were aware of his intentions because they didn’t have anything concrete to say and didn’t seem worried at all! From what I gathered, the woman he went away with, was a rich widow. The first thing I did was to forge his signature and have all the money that was left in the company account, transferred to my personal account. It’s been 2 years since he left. He has never contacted me or the kids, but God has been faithful to me. Remember when I wanted to change my mandate? I had caught him in the maid’s room, seated on her bed. He later convinced me that he had had a bad dream about her and went to counsel and pray for her. Can you imagine that I fell for it?

I have realized that his Christianity was a big fat lie. He only used it to get me to marry me! I am grateful to God that the children are doing well and my business is booming. So my sister, please be happy for me.

I started the car, still in shock. I pictured the simple unassuming man in my head. I sighed! Yet another meaningless marriage goes down in the dumps. This is not encouraging at all to us singles.

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