I pictured the laughter and sneers on the faces of my relatives if I ever decided to get a divorce. I thought of the shame I would feel writing “Miss”…

Cheating But Still In Love

A man can cheat on his woman and still love her but a woman cannot cheat on her man and still love him. I say this because while men do not mix sex wi…

Faith and Fate 1

“My wife is looking like under 16!” Said Mama Obiageli, my husband’s Aunt. My mother (who everyone that attended my traditional marr…

My Immature Boyfriend

I am dating an Omo-Mummy Guy. Not the type that’s a mumu, he’s actually sharp but I think he has an immaturity problem. He likes for us to hang out wi…


I envision Hilda’s Shoulder to be a relationship park-a place you go to learn, vent and share. I have another understanding of the word relationship -I don’t think it is for people dating only. A marriage is a relationship too, and one which needs great rela- tions in the SHIP called home!
Hilda’s Shoulder is a place where we virtually hold hands like - real friends should. If you want to come anonymously...we understand ..still come! Hilda’s shoulder is here for you!


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