Soaking those panties

Soaked Panties!
Hmmm..number 1 on your “how to keep your man” list apart from looking good, is to possess killer underwear. After you take off the underwear what happens next? Some women soak their panties for almost a week because they are too lazy to wash them daily and it gives them joy to look at 15 white panties on the clothesline.

Your man comes into the bathroom and there is a slight wee wee stench and the water you soaked the panties in ,has started having bubbles!
Let’s not even over kill the combo of panties, waist trainers and girdles or cycling tights, do you know how smelly you can be when you’ve walked through 34 degrees of sun and then take them off and try to look sexy for your man!
Worse still you wear the same waist trainer the next day! And you wonder why your man’s aloof or cold sometimes. He may not be able to tell you but, STOP soaking your panties, they stink! STOP putting your ‘lady things’ in his face married or not. You may be killing it for him over time.

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