Really what kind of weekend spirit moves around on Friday nights? Office Men and women with stiff upper lips from Monday to Thursday go loco on Fridays. Business people are not usually fazed by the allure of the slutty Friday as they can decide to make any day a Friday.

Have you been to any popular Nkwobi joint lately, have you seen how jolly the men and women look, like there’s no tomorrow? Men are quick to offer “more bottles” to friends and follow-comes. Tables are decorated with empty bottles by seasoned drinkers trying to avoid over billing by very sharp waiters and waitresses who have a keen eye for customers who are drunk and who can’t add N1,500 +N1,500 is equal to N6,570.

Girls are friendlier and more approachable. Chronic womanisers will tell you to stay away from girls that come to a joint in a group. It will be hard for her to leave the group, unless the whole group is out for the purpose of having a crazy Friday night.

Even the spirit of recession bows to the slutty Friday feeling. No need to be musing about bank balances on a Friday; that can wait till Saturday morning when wifey is demanding for money to buy crate of eggs, tomatoes and pepper, to make egg sauce. People you don’t know who sit by your table say hi like you came together.

Dancing is more provocative in the bars and clubs and the companions are unleashed hoping and praying they get a good customer to take them out of poor Ville. A smart Mai suya or Asun master is never far away from a beer spot. For every hot and spicy mouthful comes two bottles of beer to drown the heat!

If you don’t hold “yasef” very well on a Friday, you will end up waking up in a strange bed with someone you will not remember. If you are unlucky your wallet and phone will be gone and God knows what else!

So if you must step out, be sure to go with a friend or even friends. Socialise wisely!

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