POEM: The Other Way – Upside Down


I heard the alarm go off again

Nobody flinched ….

It was the norm for it to go off



We just spent over 2 hours in traffic because

Everyone that drove past had to get a real good look at the

Corpse, to tell the tale at their destination

No one got down to help

The noisy sirens and motorcade weaved their way

Through the thin space left called a lane

Half of the road had been overtaken by garbage

The other half littered with Hawkers

Everyone made way, in no way

Bikes, 2 small cars and a green 4 wheeler with

Midnight tint all around the windows

Their driving was in spurts move stop move, stop

Left here, right there, koboko here, koboko there

The daydreaming olokada was give a few lashes to “comot for road”

In another few hours someone had called for help

It was a medical emergency

The Ambulance did a right, and did a one way to beat turnaround time

To save a life

It gets to its destination, picks up the ailing patient and

Faces the direction of the hospital

Stuck in traffic honking, siren, shouting….emergency loudspeaker in hand

No one moves….



Parity Charity Association for the betterment of education

Identifies a public school that has no books, no chairs, no anything

Parity Charity donates some books, running water and toilets

One night “unidentified hoodlums” get to the School

And scatter, scatter everything!

Who send them? When Chairman is “loud-speaking” his achievements

So parity charity would make him look bad ehn?

No way! Scatter toilet, scatter pump, scatter books

Nonsense charity

“No sense” he says



Mama is gone! We tried our best

Dede and the others had no time and no money to spend on Mama’s illness

That seemed not to want to go away

Somehow the family meeting after Mama’s death produces 2 Cows, plenty rice and chop chop

Plenty Aso ebi and lots of booze



Get rich quick by bringing a heart, a head and torso

The Dibia says… But before you go please drop “transport” he says



“The slippers are too new for this Sallah celebration” He says

So he puts them on his head and walks barefoot



Prosperity!!!! But drop ya Tithe

Prosperity!! But drop ya fruits!

Prosperity!!No offering??


By Ibä

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