Period Hacks For Women

Do you remember how you used to get off your seat with caution, when your period was on, in high school? And God help you if the person seated behind you in class was a boy! If it was a girl you’d rise cautiously and ask her to check your skirt or dress before you got up.

I can remember other scenarios; you’d see girls with their sweaters tied round their waists because Aunty Flo suddenly came to visit, or yet again many girls in boarding school had to put a folded bed sheet or ankara fabric right under their bums, so that the sheets wouldn’t get stained.

For many women, heavy periods are a way of life for a myriad of reasons. Which I won’t be going into.

I have always had heavy periods. It was even worse before I had my fibroid taken out. The first 2 days are like an unending flood, so to speak. I tried all the pads on the market and I  just resorted to using 2 or 3 at once.

After some 20 something years of having heavy periods and having some stain episodes, something just came into my head one morning and I want to share it with you.

It was day 2. Day 2 is usually the “I don’t really want to move around day” when you can’t be too far from the bathroom. Anyway, after wearing/ putting in the pads I realized that when I sit or lie down the flow has a tendency to go downwards, towards the anus area and to the sides, and that’s the reason for the stains. So, what I did was get some cotton wool (sizable quantity) and put it in between my lady area and my anus (you get the idea) and also made sure that the pads also fit in snugly into the bum area.

It was magic! I’ve never felt so comfortable and confident  like this in years! I’ve preached the gospel to friends & family and they are all so happy and relieved!

If you also have heavy periods, try the hack and let me know @

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