We Had A One Night, Now He’s With My Sister

I am having an issue with my twin sister. We look alike but she is straight with no shape. Since we were little, I have always been the one the guys prefer. Her last boyfriend was in her 1st year of University. As for me I have had several. I’ve tried to hook her up many times but it just doesn’t work out.

Lately, she has been telling me about a new guy she met at her friend’s party. She’s been going on and on and she won’t let me rest. So, we fixed a date for me to meet the guy and lo and behold! It was a guy I met during my crazy days. We met at the club. Maybe it was the drinks or maybe because he was a fine guy I followed him home and we never exchanged numbers or anything. When I woke I just didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

When my sister introduced us, he did as if he has never seen me before and I became nervous. I wasn’t sure whether he was pretending, or he really didn’t remember me.

My sister is overjoyed, and I’ve never seen her like this. What can I do? Should I tell her? If I don’t she will never forgive me either if she ever finds out. She says the guy has proposed to her. Please help what do I do?

Joyce, Calabar

Hello Joyce,

Sometimes we need to do things that hurt our loved ones in order to protect them in the long run. You owe it to your sister to tell her the truth. It is not up to you to make up her mind for her. There are many situations in life that are more complicated than this. It is better for her to be in pain now, than for her to marry the wrong man or find out about it when she’s married. Hence, Tell her. What happened, has happened already. You shouldn’t feel bad about it because she wasn’t with him when you met him. Go ahead and tell her.


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