No Kissing on a Sunday!

It starts on Saturday night, when the holy wife doesn’t want her hubby to touch her because it will spoil her state of holiness in church the next day. What’s your approach to sexual expression and holiness? 

Sunday’s are even worse, the same holy wife will not allow any form of affection in the morning. She feels that the sabbath extends to the bedroom. Is sex work? After dodging her wifely duties at night and in the morning, she spends the entire day in church and then in one meeting or the other.
If I am allowed to say this, God appreciates her zest and passion for the church but what about the man she swore to love till death do them part?

Where in all of this did you hear that your husband cannot have you or hold you even on a Sunday!? I am reminded of what Jesus said to the Pharisees & Sadducees – If your sheep fell into a well on the sabbath, would you not rescue it?

If you continue to leave your sheep in the well because you feel that sabbath day will be violated, two things may happen; the sheep may have sunk too deep into the well to be rescued or someone who has a better need for the sheep would have rescued it before you get to the well.

A word is enough for the wise!


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