Nigerians At The Gates

At the gate of one of the Embassies, I’m always amazed how we behave the same way. When we have visa applications, there’s so much apprehension and tension. It’s as if the gate of the embassy is the gate of heaven.

The Nigerian Security officials or “gatemen in uniforms” take the role of Angels checking documents, sizing up and deciding who goes in first or last. From time to time they may shout “order ” to silence banter and phone calls.
The crowd looks at their faces with such focus and attention that you wonder whether these are the same people that throw thrash out of their car windows and scream “God punish You” or “Waka” on the roads. Many are dressed to kill thinking that the oyinbo in the booth cares about how “rich” they look. Some even twist their tongue trying to sound “foreign”.

Even funnier is the fact that educated applicants are easy prey for uneducated touts who offer their expertise and secretarial services for a fee. Who is the informed here?
This is one place where Nigerians don’t complain about how long they have been kept in line or shout ‘do you know who I am?”

This can only mean that our sanity, discipline, orderliness is conditional on our environment.
As you exit the building of the embassy, you are greeted by a security officer the usual Nigerian way; “Well done Ma/Sir”, “Happy weekend” or “anything for the boys?”
“At all at all na im bad”. You ask yourself why you should give money, when no service has been rendered.
This is Nigeria by Nigerians.



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