I must begin this by saying that if we think that corruption is Nigeria’s biggest problem, then we are yet to come to grips with who and what we are.

How can a 45 year old man named Paul Achegbulu, who claims to have been trained as lab scientist in a formal institution in Jos, Plateau State lure young children with N2,000 and take their blood to resell at N7,000? If you can watch his interview by journalists online, please do. From his voice and mien, it appears he didn’t understand just how illegal what he was doing was. His so-called blood bank was his dirty dingy home somewhere in Bariga, where he lived with his wife and child. How can a human being take advantage of children? How many pints of the unscreened and unhygienic blood has made it into the bodies of sick people that eventually died or are living but are really ill?

The search for “business” by Nigerians has blocked the senses or the ‘reasonableness” that is expected in a reasonable man. Society reemphasizes this madness. Nigeria is a place where you see someone who is a petty trader today or doing a menial job and tomorrow, he/she own chains of businesses and are suddenly wealthy. They would say he/she has ‘hammered. The fabric of our society is built on respect for money and money only. It seems corruption is merely a by-product of this madness for money. It’s the same madness that makes ritualists kill for money.

It’s one thing to know that a course of action is a crime and another to take the action for survival purposes, without the faintest idea that it is a crime and that it is inhuman. Mr. Paul’s shanty laboratory cannot be the only one. There will be others. He must have been an employee somewhere and while he was there he started this side business –as every Nigerian thinks to do or does. Is this not madness, that there are no limits to the things people will do to survive? Do we expect our Government to be free of this madness? Again to think that the parents of Adesanya – one of Mr. Paul’s teenage victims, who he took 2 pints of blood from and who almost died, reported the incidence to the police in Gbagada and nothing was done!

For those of us, who say we are not mad and that we should not be institutionalized, what have you done to stop the madness? Or are we saying that it cannot be stopped? How long will this rot continue to eat this country? Is there no cure?

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