A Mirage Part 4

I quickly picked up my phone locked the door and dialled Ladi, my childhood friend. We were like family. He was the brother I never had. When I was done with the narration, he said “Babe you fall my hand o, How could that guy have just swept you off your feet like that? You are usually very guarded. A whole You! Let’s treat his mess up. I have a friend who is about 10 minutes away from you. He will locate you and do as we have planned”.

There was a knock. He was back. I opened the door and tried not to look flustered. He apologized and said it was a false alarm. He kissed me tenderly and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. He suggested that we go into an inner room I didn’t even notice was behind a life-sized painting. I resisted and said I was not comfortable and that I’d rather we go to my room instead. For a split second I saw a strange look in his eyes and he said he had to go to the Gents. He took his time coming back.

We took the lift to my floor while he insisted on holding my bag and hand at the same time. He turned on the mood lights, switched on the TV and put it on the music channel which coincidentally was playing soft slow romantic jams. It was all perfect. I started to turn over what the lady had said in my mind. The touching started and at the point when the tugging started at the clothing, I begged to freshen up in the ladies. He started to undress as I left. I almost screamed as I opened the door. There was a strange man in the bathroom. He had a note in his hand and signaled to me to hush up. The note read “I am from Ladi. You are in danger. I had to hide here. While I was waiting for you someone came in here and placed a camera opposite your bed”. I nodded. He scribbled quickly “I have removed it and placed my own. Cough when you want me to come out”. I came out smiling, wearing just my underwear. I was careful to keep my back to the camera even though I couldn’t see where it was. Hamza said, “Are you shy, my Angel? Take everything off and lie beside me”.
Me: I will my darling, but I want you to start me up, I get turned on when my man does a dirty dance for me”. He smiled and said “How do I do that?”
Me: “It’s easy, just pretend you are a stripper and touch yourself”. He smiled again and said he loved kinky women. He started to touch himself like a real pro. I urged him to go on for another few minutes then I started coughing really hard and loud. Ladi’s friend jumped out of the bathroom with a service pistol in one hand and a crowbar in the other.

Hamza shouted “What is this?”. “What is what?”, Ladi’s friend replied, “I am your worst nightmare. Don’t stop, keep on with the show because if you don’t, the video of you playing striptease will be all over the internet in seconds”. Hamza looked at me I stared back. He laughed crazily and said to me “Are you mad? What is this?”. Ladi’s friend took over the show, “Now tell me why you had someone come in here and put a camera opposite the bed?”. Hamza made a dash for the door but it was locked. I later learned that my saviour’s name was Tochukwu (Ladi’s friend). He was faster than Hamza and pointed the gun to his head and asked him to get his phone and unlock it and hand it over to him. I was given the phone to scroll through the pictures and videos while Tochukwu gave him a world class interview ‘Amanpour style’. “Why do you do this?” Hamza looked away and said it was business. Women always fell prey to him because of his charm and looks and that he would woo them, drug them, sleep with them and record the act and blackmail them thereafter. He confessed that he usually picked well off women at parties and public places and that the payoff was never less than a million Naira. I almost vomited seeing so many women’s videos and photos. He even had the nerve to name the photos. I didn’t know when I walked up to him and slapped him twice.

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