A Mirage Final Part

Tochukwu made jest of him. He asked him to strike the strangest of poses, while he took his picture. Next, Tochukwu asked me whether I had given him my phone number.I shook my head. He said “Good” he turned to Hamza and said ‘just because I’m in a good mood today, you will be blackmailed today and not flogged. For the pain and suffering you wanted to give this lady, you will give her N3Million in cash right now otherwise your kinky photos and videos will be everywhere. Hamza got on his knees begging and crying. He said he didn’t have N3Million cash and that he would need to get to the bank. We basically held a vigil till morning no one slept. I kept thanking my God for that woman who tipped me off. At about 8.30am we let him dress up and went with him to the bank. Tochukwu warned him that if he messed up, it would all be over for him. Hamza said he would cooperate. Tochukwu made a few calls and told me he had booked a charter flight for me to take back to Lagos. Hamza suddenly looked ugly and shrivelled. He was quiet all through the trip to airport. Tochukwu had been with his phone going through his messages. He kept laughing and every now and then would knock Hamza on the head and call him “wicked man”.

Much as Tochukwu refused money from me, I gave him a million Naira and waved goodbye to Hamza! I was the only passenger in the charter flight. The captain greeted me before take-off and said I was a lucky woman. A high profile client of the airline had recalled the plane to Lagos and paid for the trip to and fro. I was told I didn’t have to pay a dime.

I don’t remember any other time in my life when I smiled for 45 minutes nonstop. I went to Abuja gnashing my teeth, upset and irritable and I came back smiling. As the car hire dropped me in front of the house, I realized just how lucky and blessed I was to have such wonderful children. They all ran out to hug me. That’s worth more than any man can ever give me.

As for Hamza, I read in one of the online newspapers months later that an unidentified Hausa man that fitted his description was arrested by the police for obtaining money under false pretense and blackmail. It had a photo which quality was poor, but I could still make his face out. In the background was someone that looked like the lady that saved me from being blackmailed. That lady was actually his wife! I put two and two together, they were in it together but for reasons I can’t explain she liked me and helped me. The recharge card, the free suite and the gifts were all part of the scam. They expected to reap the fruits of their labour after I would have paid the ransom for the video and that would have more than covered their costs. Nemesis had caught up with them, apparently after Tochukwu and I dealt with him, he still continued with his dirty game and one of the victims had reported to the police, who set a trap for him.

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