My Marriage – A New Thing Part 3

My Marriage – A New Thing Part 3

Truly, after a few days, things changed. Kayode called me to the room and asked me to sit on his lap. He apologized for not being the man he used to be and told me how the wedding expenses had left him literally penniless. He kissed me on the forehead, reached into his jacket and handed over an envelope of N200k. He then told me that he had been testing my patience deliberately and that I’d passed the test. I was so happy! We spent the night in each other’s arms.

After a few weeks, I received a call that my Mother had fallen down the stairs. They weren’t sure if she had fractures. I went into hysteria mode and quickly called Kayode to tell him what had happened. He sounded sympathetic and said he’d meet me at the hospital. I expected him to say “take the car”, but he didn’t. I calculated how long it would take me to get a bike out of the Estate to the main Bus stop. It would take a while at this time of day. I decided to take Kayode’s car. I searched for the key, found it and drove.

I opened the door to Mom’s room and found Kayode there fanning her with a newspaper. She said “See, my Son is here! I don’t need you anymore!” and laughed. I laughed too! We all did! After some minutes Kayode briefed me about mom’s fall. Thank God it was just a sprain. We were told she needed to be in bed for a few days and that she was not to put her weight on the ankle yet. I took Kayode out to the hallway to talk. I wanted to ask his permission to stay with Mom for the next few days. He said it was ok and asked how I got to the hospital so fast. I told him. He became visibly upset, gnashed his teeth and told me to never try it again.

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