Living Codeine

Issa looked lost and sleepy. His wife Jumai had a face that was half angry and half sad; she was suffering. Their children were at her parents house not too far away. It was not a good sight to see their Dad strung out so often.

As soon as jumai had set the tray of soft drinks down, she left the room.
From being domicile, Issa jumped up as she left and came to my side
“DID you bring it ?”
Bring what? I asked.
The cough syrup for my cough!
He answered.
O that! I said, I couldn’t get it without a prescription. “You know all this talk about Codeine, many pharmacists won’t sell it without a Doctor’s prescription”. I feigned ignorance.
It was exactly for that reason that jumai had sought me. She said before he began the habit, he had mentioned my name quite often.Hey Hallam, he said me, you’ve added some weight
He smiled like he used to smile when we were in school.
Yes, I said a little uncomfortable about the subject.
You like food and drink right? Yes, I said and who doesn’t?
Many people don’t like food and drink and again many people do. Do you think I am mad to love codeine so much? My family think I’m mad. Nobody has a right to judge me. When you eat something delicious dopamine are released in your brain. Its a pleasurable experience isn’t it? You may want to eat that same meal again and perhaps in a larger quantity. But because it is food it passes unnoticed that it is equally an addiction. For me it’s codeine. I got into it out of sheer curiosity. I wanted to find out how something so small could have such a great effect on a person. Now, It has consumed my thinking. All I want to do is feel sleepy and happy. The same way you like food. Do you get it?

I got it quite alright and he was right! I thought of my wife who was addicted to being in debt. She couldn’t resist the urge to buy perpetually. I thought of my Boss who was addicted to power. He had a need to keep his staff feeling subdued and small all the time. We all needed help. We all need to do a retrospect in our own lives. Look for those areas that make us feeble or wobble so we have an idea of how easy it is be addicted and stay so.
He did not need my condemnation, but my understanding. He needed a helping hand.
I got some of our old friends together. We put some money together and had Issa taken to rehab.It took a while but he got better. We all got better too,seeing him pull himself together.

So the next time you want to put someone down because of their flaws of their weaknesses remember your own.


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