She went to the doctor’s office! He asked about her cold and cough and she told him that it was bad. When she coughed or sneezed hard, wee wee came down freely. The more she coughed or sneezed, the more the wee wee came down. She had tried several times to control it, but couldn’t. When she did not have a cold or cough and she laughed for a long time, she would wee too. It was becoming embarrassing having to go about with extra underwear or using sanitary pads on and in her bag all year long, for extra protection. She tried not to dance, scream, lift heavy objects or laugh hard and sometimes she tried not to laugh at all.

She had lied just now about how bad the wee wee thing was when the doctor asked. She felt that the doctor would feel that it was because she had been all over the town with numerous men that her vagina muscles had lost its elasticity and couldn’t keep the urine away. This is the thinking of most women. They are wrong!

The condition is called incontinence. It is the involuntary leakage of urine. It is common in men and women. It is more common in women. It’s not the vagina that’s weak. Incontinence is caused when there is trauma to the muscles of the bladder. The Urethra and bladder muscles become weak. The trauma is usually from child birth. Usually, it starts about 20 years after child birth. For men, other diseases and age predispose them to it.

Risk Factors
Being overweight
Family history
Other diseases

Prevention /Treatment

  1. Treat UTI (Urinary tract Infection)–Many women don’t know what a healthy discharge looks and smells like. See your Gynae to help check for the state of your vagina. Don’t let UTI’s go untreated for long.
  2. Control your weight. Exercise. Eat healthy.
  3. Treatment by a doctor with antibiotics
  4. Urethral inserts and pessaries
  5. Emptying the bladder and doing so again after some minutes to empty it of urine as much as possible
  6. Surgery
  7. Do not lie about your condition. See a doctor immediately if you have symptoms


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