Unending Love – Pt 2

Things had really improved. I had two jobs. The main one was with my Master and the other was in Abuja I was required to travel to Abuja twice a month to oversee the staff. Master had gotten the job for me. He said I needed to grow fast.

I had rented a small apartment for Kelechi. We couldn’t live together because she insisted on bringing her Mother and brother to Lagos to live with her. It had always been her dream. I didn’t mind, because the plan was to marry her. I still gave her a monthly allowance and took care of Mother and her brother’s school fees.

On two occasions, I ran into Kelechi at an eatery and restaurant with 2 different guys. She said that one was a client and the other a friend. She didn’t introduce me properly on both occasions. I had my suspicions but after engaging the Mallam in her house I was convinced that they were really who she said they were. One of the guys seemed to be with her a lot. I saw them together again. His name was Jide. He looked like a spoilt brat. When I brought it up with her, she laughed and said I had no reason to be insecure. She told me that her friendship with Jide was strategic. Her Boss had mandated her to win Jide’s company account.

I was lonely and bored one night. Kelechi was out of town on business. I decided to call my friend, Julius to recommend a good club. He suggested one in Lekki Phase 1 and after much ado, he agreed to accompany me. I clubbed like twice a year, so I was like a fish out of water. My friend on the hand, was a party animal. He had found himself a nice looking girl to dance with. She seemed to be a little tipsy because, she let Julius grind her from behind. Someone tapped me from behind. It was a plus size lady. She was fair but she looked a little older than me. Apparently, she was a Banker looking to have some fun. I shooed her away. All I wanted was to get high, grope some breast and ass and go home. I couldn’t think of sleeping with another woman. The plus size lady’s name was Yemisi. If only her lips and stomach weren’t so big my tipsy mind said.

Yemisi didn’t give up. She shouted into my ear, she had something to show me.I followed her. She held my hand and guided me to the upper level VIP. The bouncers knew her by name and hailed her. Obviously she was a regular. They gave her a pass to what looked like a small open rooms. It was quieter here and the lighting was poor, but not so poor that you couldn’t see bodies touching. I was borderline drunk, but I knew what she wanted. She said she wanted us to talk in a quiet place. As we passed one of the booths, I was drawn to a body shape that resembled Kelechis.I wasn’t sure. I stopped to see well. The couple were dancing slowly and erotically. The man held the Kelechi look alike lady from behind like they were glued together. They moved in sync. The lady caressed the man’s body, while the man kept kissing her on the neck and groping her all over. I needed to be sure. I tapped the guy. I greeted him excitedly like we knew each other. ”Guy, how now?’ “He responded in the same light. We even hugged. The lady was Kelechi! It was her! She was blank. I pulled Yemisi back and introduced her as my babe. We left. Kelechi was stunned, she didn’t say a word.


The next day was Sunday, Kelechi’s Mum came to the house and rained curses at me for two timing. Kelechi didn’t come or call immediately. When she came, she brought along all the things I’d bought for her over the years. She called me a cheat and said she never had the heart to tell me before,but that all I bought for her was cheap and beneath her. She threw the things at me and walked away.

After a month, I sent Kelechi several messages telling her that I’d not be renewing her rent or pay her brothers fees anymore. She sent dancing videos of herself in a new apartment .She said she didn’t need me.

I have never heard of such before, shame would not let me tell anyone what she did. I was too pained to even respond to her.

Yemisi had turned out not to be a bad person. At the club she suspected what had happened that fateful night and dragged me to a booth. We talked till about 5.00am.She was looking for a love I couldn’t give. We had become friends. I found out later that she was a single parent and the Daughter of one Otunba. Money was not her issue. I wasn’t moved.

I still longed for Kelechi and I had started drinking regularly to kill my pain. After 3 months of being apart Kelechi’s Mother came crying one evening. She said that Kelechi was near death and that she had had a road accident on her back from work. I quickly went with her to the hospital. Kelechi looked lifeless. She had gashes and bruises on her head and plaster all over. I forgot about everything she did. When she regained consciousness, she asked for my forgiveness. Her mother and brother knelt down and begged. Again, she pressed my Mumu button! I told her that her life was more important to me. She got well, and we started off again. I gave her the ground rules, No more male friends. No cheating. She swore on her late father’s name that she would never misbehave.

When I told Yemisi what had happened, she called me a fool and told me that Kelechi had me round her little finger. I didn’t agree.  Everything went back to normal. Kelechi was mine again. I had a few boys in her area on my tab to keep an eye on her. I wasn’t convinced she wasn’t seeing someone else. We fixed March the following year for the wine carrying. She had insisted on coming to my apartment every weekend. She was forming wife, cooking and cleaning house. I loved it! Yemisi faded into the background. We only chatted on and off. She said I’d regret taking Kelechi back.


One Saturday, Kelechi’s childhood friend came visiting and when they started their girl gossip I got up to go and watch a football match in a nearby sports bar. She teased me as I left, saying football was her only contender. At half time, I remembered we had no drinks in the house to entertain Kelechi’s friend .I needed to get them drinks & Suya. Someone had parked behind me and hemmed me in and could not be found. So, I decided to take a bike to buy the stuff take them home and go back to the sports bar.


They didn’t know I had walked in. A voice inside my head asked me not to call out Kelechi’s name as I usually did when I walked in. The 2 ladies were on the sofa. Kelechi was laughing and telling her friend ”I’m just bidding my time joor” did you actually think that I’d marry him ?So, because someone spent some chicken change on you, bought you cheap gifts and paid for your accommodation, so you must marry him? Nonsense! The guy is nice I won’t deny it, but he has no pedigree, no class, who is his father-a total nobody, and a former houseboy” Jide has proposed to me, but he said I must wait till next year when his divorce will be through. Her friend said “Kelechi, you are ungrateful o, what a wicked thing to say”. “Na you sabi” Kelechi said. “Be doing goodi goodi there-that’s why you keep dating church rats”

The drinks almost dropped from my hands. They didn’t hear. I went back the way I came. I called Yemisi. She came quickly to pick me up at the sports bar. For the second time, I removed my sim card and threw it away.

I found out later that the club we met, was owned by Yemisi’s Brother, and that’s how all the bouncers knew her! She was no loose woman!

Yemisi was a perfect wife. She adored me.I grew to love her more with every passing day. Her father had made me CEO and COO of one his many companies. As a wedding gift we got a new house in Oniru Estate.

I don’t know how Kelechi located my office. I saw her on the CCTV in my office. She looked darker and older. The security guards wouldn’t let her in. I had heard her story. Jide never left his wife. Her rent had expired and she and her family were thrown out when she couldn’t pay up. She and her family had to relocate to the village. Her Boss found out that she had been sleeping with Jide. She was sacked. She couldn’t get another job. It was sad.

Yemisi was pregnant with our first child, she laughed when I told her Kelechi had attempted to see me. She said that if she wasn’t in Switzerland, she would have given Kelechi a good beating. We laughed. After all these years, it just hit me what those security guys at kelechi house said was true. She was truly a dog.

The End.

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