Unending Love – Pt 1

We came from the same village. I found out because I heard her speaking our dialect to the old woman that had a shop near the house. It was difficult to resist such a damsel. Her hair was natural, just the way I love a woman to look. She was either shy or rude, because she never responded to my hellos. She had long lashes that hid her beautiful eyes. She was usually not well dressed. It seemed her bra had gone soft from years of washing but it didn’t deter her breasts.

The beautiful damsel’s name was Kelechi. After about 6 months of being mute she had started saying hello to me. She worked in a big house with very high gates. You couldn’t even see into the compound, and they had soldiers guarding the place. It was definitely a no go area. I loved her more each time I saw her.

My Master’s son had just finished secondary school and one night, I overheard the family taking about their plans to accompany master’s son to University abroad.  I was overjoyed to learn that I would be home alone. It would be a perfect opportunity to invite Kelechi.

The 2 weeks the family spent away were the best weeks of my life. I was king of the house! Kelechi came almost every day. She allowed me to fondle her breasts and no more. She said she didn’t want to ruin her virginity. I respected her for that. I had a huge problem holding down my erection, it was very hard, but I let her be.

2 years down the line, I got into University. Kelechi was hopeful that her Master would sponsor her education the following year. We were officially dating. She still did not allow me to make love to her, but whenever the opportunity came, she let me suck her breasts and touch her body. We talked about the future and I told her many times how I was going to travel all around the world with her as my Queen. She always giggled when I said that. Kelechi was a quiet one whose only dream was to get her family out of the village, away from poverty and to the city.

Rufus, one of my friends in the area had called me from home to say that kelechi had become “Donatus” with her “thing”. I was very angry with him and warned him never to tell me such a thing about her. He kept trying to convince me. I knew how many guys in the area wanted her. They talked trash and always badmouthed girls so that the other guys would leave the girl for them to woo.

Kelechi’s attitude to me did not change. She was always excited to see me when I came home. I had started barbing hair at school. I had some more cash to spare and I regularly sent money to her. She always told me how much her mother and family prayed for me for the help.

When I got to final year, Master called me to say that he was pleased with me, and that he wanted me to finish school and join the business. I almost fainted! I was doing well at school, I had the girl of my dreams and now I was being offered a job! I was ecstatic! I tried to reach Kelechi’s phone, times without number. I called her practically till afternoon. No answer. I wanted to burst! Could something have happened to her? Did she lose her phone? Could she have travelled with her Oga and left her phone behind?

I plucked up courage to go to her house, the plan was just to ask the security guards whether she was at home and then leave. As I got there, I was asked what my mission was. I told them what it was, the 2 guards looked at each other and burst out laughing. “You be her brother? Or who?” No I’m not her brother, I’m her fiancé” I replied. They looked at each other again and laughed even harder. Kelechi get fiancé? How?” one of the guards said. “I no know say meat get person wey wan marry am o”. I was mad! I lunged at the guy that ran his mouth and a fight ensued. The other soldier sprang into action and held onto my hands, while the one I attacked, gave me several lashes of koboko. Pain shot through my body! I felt slaps and kicks. I surrendered.

The one that had badmouthed Kelechi spoke through his teeth,” You be fool o! All of us here, he spat, don fuck your girl”. She dey always look for money anyhow. We go tie your leg and hand till night. When night don come we go carry you go look cinema, you go see as oga go fuck your girl. Na everyday e dey do am. Mumu man!”

They actually tied me up! When night came as they said, they took me to the back of the house, where I imagined was kelechi’s room. The windows were tinted but there was a space at the lower corner of the glass that the tint sheet did not cover properly. It was here that the guards must have made their cinema every night. They untied me and asked me to peep through the small gap.

It was true! I suppressed a scream and I wanted to cry badly! There on the bed, Kelechi lay naked. Her Boss a middle aged man held onto his privates and was beckoning to her, she got up and put his privates in her mouth. Suddenly, her Boss pulled her up and the rest is history. I couldn’t take it anymore. The guards pushed me out of the compound and laughed at me.

When I got to the house. I lied that I had been robbed and attacked by “One chance”. I had thrown away my sim card and phone on the way. It was over.

Kelechi came to look for me some days later. She had been told that I had come to look for her. I wasn’t ready to listen. She wept, knelt down and begged and she said that her boss had threatened her that, if she didn’t agree to the sex, he’d send her back to the village. His wife had been bedridden for years and he didn’t have the courage to get women from outside. She said she had no choice. I asked her about the other men. She denied the allegations. I was pained that she had lied to me that she was a virgin, when she was clearly not. She said that I was the one she wanted to spend her life with and that she wanted it to be special when she gave it to me.

I forgave her and promised to get her a place as soon as I could afford it, so she wouldn’t have to work again.

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