I Have Never Messed About!

Dear Hilda,

I’m having a problem. I don’t know how to go about it. I have been having regular infection in my vagina. I’m married and I have never messed about with anyone. So I am confused! The first two times that I told my husband, he didn’t say anything. By the third time, he said he can’t understand why a married woman keeps having infection. He made me feel useless.

I have changed my under wear many times and I use dettol and even don’t use public toilets. The itching is really bad that sometimes I have to open my legs in front of the fan. Sometimes it has a bad smell. It is making me deny sex to my husband. He thinks I’m cheating on him and I’m tired of going to the hospital because of shame.
What can I do?

Juwon, Ibadan

Dear Juwon,

Calm down. Let me remind you that I am not a Doctor! I know a little bit about it, plus being a woman too.

The vagina is a slit that’s perpetually prone to entry by any and everything. You see, the Vagina environment is best when the pH level is neither too acidic nor alkaline. Using soaps and vaginal washes often disturbs the pH balance of the vagina.

Again, the vagina is so close to the anus that it is more than likely that some faeces may get into it every now and then if one is not careful. All you need is water there and no more.
I understand the shame but you need to go back to hospital and see your doctor. He will prescribe medication and explain to you how to avoid repetitive episodes.
If your husband will agree to go along with you to the hospital, I’m sure the doctor will explain to him that a urinary tract infection (UTI) is not a sexually transmitted disease. You also need to explain to him how you felt about it, and why you were running away from making love to him.
Take care.

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