Could This be Love?

Please Hilda, I need help! Me and my friend left school for some research for our class project and then she said she wanted to stop by her house to pick up something. I went inside the house with her and her Dad was home. I greeted him and sat down.

Long story short is that he gave me his number and said I should call him if I have any issue with school.

The man is rich and very handsome. I called him some days later and we went out. He was just like a young guy very cool. We have been seeing each other for about a year now. My friend tells me her mother is suspecting her Dad and that they are planning for the lady, and they will show her pepper. The man has upgraded me a lot and I can’t let go now.

I feel bad about deceiving my friend but I love him. He has been helping me with money and if I stop now, who will help me get through school?

Tina in Love

Hello Tina, you’re a big girl now, at least you know right from wrong. You survived before you met this man. You can survive without him. You said you love him, we both know it’s not the case, its the things you get out of the man you love! -and he knows it too.

Supposing he suddenly dumps you for a finer, cuter lady? How will you feel? If you must play this game be prepared for anything.surely, your friend won’t forgive you if she finds out.

For the old man to ‘toast’ you the way he did,its not his first time and you’re probably not the only side chick. Don’t gerrit twisted honey. Shine your eyes.
As a test, tell him that you want to settle down with him as second wife and watch his reaction.


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