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The Idea of starting a blog didn’t come to my mind until a few months ago, in terms of being one of the most popular or hottest chicks in School, I never was, but in my interaction with others more or less the most part of my Adult life, people have told me how much I inspired them or made them feel better.

My personal experiences have given me a bird’s eye view of life generally and has made me less judgmental and subjective. There really is not much that can shock me when it comes to things that we do, do not get me wrong, I am far from perfect neither am I the elixir for all your emotional challenges. What you will get from this blog is a hand-in hand walk, I will not judge you. We will walk your walk and talk your talk together.

In this blog, you will read about the walk of others and my humble attempt to overcome their challenges. You will learn from their experiences and hopefully we will talk about those things that you cannot say to others, we will exorcise these demons, perform surgery on them and have their carcasses incinerated.

In summary, the blog is for lovers, marrieds, parents, single by choice, situation, divorce, death or any other in-between situations you find yourself. It is meant to be supportive and a resource of information.

Again, I just have to say this, this blog is dedicated to people who are proudly different. You don’t need to fall in with the crowd. Be proud of who you are!

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I envision Hilda’s Shoulder to be a relationship park-a place you go to learn, vent and share. I have another understanding of the word relationship -I don’t think it is for people dating only. A marriage is a relationship too, and one which needs great rela- tions in the SHIP called home!
Hilda’s Shoulder is a place where we virtually hold hands like - real friends should. If you want to come anonymously...we understand ..still come! Hilda’s shoulder is here for you!


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