Joy’s Way Part 3 – Final

“Testing” Joy said into the microphone as she and the cameraman awaited for the Mr. Adekanmi. To her greatest surprise Kingsley walked in. She hid her surprise, greeted him and ran through the questions she would ask him. As she wrapped up the interview, she couldn’t help but to ask “How come you answer Kingsley? ” Well, my name is Kingsley Ade Adekanmi II. She was still angry with him. As she was about to leave, he held her by the shoulder and apologized for his behaviour at their first meeting. He insisted on lunch as an apology. She was hungry and agreed.

After the apology lunch, lunch became an almost daily affair. They became chums. Kingsley often told her that she was a guy in a woman’s body. They shared each other’s relationship issues. Kingsley’s was worse because he seemed to be a chronic womanizer. He and Joy did the analysis of the girls he was to let go off or continuing seeing. Of all his girls, Tawa was the most determined. She knew Kingsley was seeing other girls but she stood firm, hoping to be his wife.

Joy had just finished her morning meeting and was going through the papers when she saw “ADEKANMI’S HEIR IN MOTORBIKE ACCIDENT, UNRESPONSIVE…. She didn’t read the rest she quickly called Ekanem and they made enquiries until they got to know what hospital he was in. Apparently Kingsley’s Mother, who had decided to stay abroad to continue mourning her husband, had returned on the news of her Son’s accident. She had left instructions that no one was to be let in to see her Son except with her permission. Joy had made several attempts to see him with no luck. She had decided to go to mass everyday till Kingsley came out of the coma. After several subsequent attempts at the hospital reception, she was surprised to be let in. She opened the door and found Tawa and a beautiful elderly Lady that looked like a female version of Kingsley. The elderly woman was obviously Kingsley’s Mother. She greeted them as she walked in. Kingsley’s Mother asked-“You are Joy, right? I had to leave your name with them downstairs because my Son came out of the coma briefly, he called your name and then went back. Are you his girlfriend?” “No Ma” Joy answered, “But we are very good friends”. Tawa rolled her eyes. Joy looked at Kingsley and then whispered into his ear “Hi Kingsley, open your eyes! I’m waiting for you, so we can go dancing again!” She quickly wiped a tear that was fighting to drop. “Ma, please can I come to see him again?” Joy asked. “Of course my Daughter, you are welcome to”

Exactly 3 days later, while Joy, Kingsley’s Mother and Tawa were talking, Kingsley coughed, sneezed and woke up. He looked round the room sighted the 3 women and said he was hungry. His mother jumped up for Joy and hugged him and began to pray. Tawa said she was going to get him rice and chicken. Joy told Tawa that Kingsley didn’t like Rice and Chicken and that he preferred vegetable soup with sweet or Irish potatoes. Tawa made as if she was deaf, and returned in about 20 mins with rice and chicken. She opened the food for Kingsley to see and he said he’d prefer to eat Irish potatoes with vegetables. Joy muffled a giggle as Tawa dropped the food and made her way out again.

Kingsley’s health improved by the day. He seemed to have changed a lot. He talked very little. Tawa was beside him almost every minute. Joy walked in on them kissing. She laughed at the sight and suddenly felt pangs of jealousy. Daniel, the guy she had been seeing, had proposed to her twice. He wasn’t exactly what she wanted for a Husband, but he seemed calm and stable. By the time Kingsley was back home, she had made up her mind to settle down with Daniel. She and Kingsley gradually saw less and less of each other. He had taken time of work and went abroad.

She decided that Daniel would not beg her for marriage all his life. It would good to settle down. She called him up and said she was ready to marry him, all was set. Joy’s Mum asked her quietly whether she was getting married to Daniel for all the right reasons. Joy said she was. She just needed to be married to have a ring on her finger. Daniel seemed to be afraid that she would cancel their wedding plans. He called more often than usual and told her how much he loved her.

On the eve of her wedding, she was woken up by a noise by her bedroom window. Someone was throwing stones at it. She went to her balcony to see. It was Kingsley! He begged her to come down. She reluctantly agreed. It was unlike Kingsley, he mumbled and didn’t seem to be able to get himself together. He said he was hurting and that he loved her and that he didn’t want her to marry Daniel. He wanted to marry her. Joy was mad! “Kingsley, I think you should get out of here! If nobody knows you, I know you! All of a sudden you realise you love me right? Just because you want to spoil things for me while you gallivant around town. Never! I will marry Daniel, he is better than you in every way! Please leave!”

“Joy, I knew you’d say that! The truth is that I went crazy with women hoping I’d get your attention, but you didn’t seem to care. I’ve loved from the first day I saw you. You are the only woman that has understood me.I will die if you don’t marry me!”

”Kingsley, how can I love you?” You are a close friend and that’s it! “Joy, spat back!

“I feel you love me, but you were pained because you thought I wouldn’t love you back. But I do!” Kingsley said trying to hold her hand. Joy’s Mum called from upstairs. “Mom, I’m coming” “Joy shouted.

“I know this is crazy but, all I want to know is whether you love me or not. Joy, do you have feelings for me?? Joy answer me!” He was shaking her and looking into her eyes

“My Mom wants me upstairs, get lost you are too late! She wrenched herself out of his grip and started to walk away.

“Joy, I plan to leave for Abuja tomorrow morning, I have booked 2 tickets for us and I will wait for you” “Its Orient Air for 9.30am. Kingsley caught up with her and kissed her very deep and then left.

The Groom – to – be called the next morning just to reassure himself that the marriage would still go on. He had many doubts about Joy. Joy picked his call with a smile. She was happy and chatted away like a school girl going to her first dance.

One of Joy’s Aunts who’d been married 4 times, came into her room to say prayers with her. As she left the room she turned to look at Joy and said ‘many people feel I was a frivolous woman for having married 4 times. Marriage is not a box you tick because it needs to be ticked. If you don’t love this man don’t marry him! Even now, you can call it off”.

Joy suddenly developed a running tummy. She had to take her wedding dress off to go to the toilet, and asked everyone to leave her room. After almost 30 minutes, her Mom & sisters decided to open the door with a spare key when joy was not responding or picking their calls.

One air hostess was having trouble with fitting in a suitcase into the luggage compartment. She got help from a lady who had just entered the plane. The Air hostess said thank you, hesitated and said that the Lady was lucky to get in just in the nick of time. They were already 5 minutes behind schedule. Joy smiled back as she looked around for Kingsley. She saw him looking out of the window. She saw the joy in his eyes as she moved to sit beside him. He held her face to his. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity. They smiled and held hands. There was no need for anything to be said.

The End

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