Fela, Be Fela

We may not all have loved Fela’s lifestyle.

It may be just his music we love.

There’s a lot he talked about in his music especially about Nigeria and all its issues. Funny thing is, the same issues still pervade

We still shuffer and shmile except these days we have bronzers, concealers, bossoms and buttocks made of foam, elongated private parts and electronic toys to make us look and feel the part.

He sang “water, food o, light o….” still the issues we battle with.

In other words hypocrisy and ‘follow follow” spirit are more part of some people’s personalities than I care to count.

He was aberration, a phenomenon what the Yoruba call “Eda”.He was all he was, with no apologies to anybody! Obviously he was extremely comfortable in his skin, with or without significant clothing.

Let’s ask ourselves who we are really are on the inside, be more of that person than the one you think, “they” think you should be ,meanwhile in real life ,the “they” you struggle to keep up appearances for  don’t  exist and if they do ,they don’t really care about you!

Does it really matter to you that people approve of you socially before you can validate “You”????

Its better you find yourself in the stack of rubbish you buried yourself before you went along with the feel good party!

Fela removed the “Ransome” –a slave name, from his surname and replaced it with “Anikulapo” meaning literally one who has death in his pocket – a person who decides his destiny. He was all that and more.

Decide your destiny….don’t get caught up!

I salute …Abami Eda, you made a difference!




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