Faith & Fate – Finale

The hospital premises was chaotic. There was much wailing and screaming! The hospital authorities were being careful about letting parents see the dead bodies of some of the children. One woman threw herself on the floor and her wrapper came off! Oyin was confident her son was alive.

They made enquiries here and there, but the Nurses were not sure whether Yemi was in the hospital or not. They had checked the wards where the wounded boys were, and Yemi wasn’t there. The last place to check was the ward that had the boys that had died. The bodies were to be transported to the mortuary soon.

She saw him from a mile away! She kept screaming his name.”Yemi, get up! Stand up now, your Mummy is here! Son, get up!” Mummy is here!

Mama Funke tried to pry her away from him. “Oyin, he is gone”

“Yemi cannot be gone! God gave me this boy. He cannot take him away like that!”
Oyin wailed and then began to pray and to touch Yemi on his forehead and limbs. She shook his body violently.

It was like a miracle, Yemi’s eyes twitched, then he opened his eyes. His shirt was terribly blood-stained. It was obvious he was very weak. Oyin ran to call the Doctor and Nurse to tell them that Yemi was alive. The Nurses came in quickly with a stretcher and took Yemi to the emergency room. Yemi was bleeding profusely and he looked as if he was going to pass out. Oyin was informed that Yemi had lost a lot of blood and he needed a pint or two of blood. The hospital had run out. She would have to go to Ijebu Igbo to look for a blood bank to buy blood. She was told that if she didn’t get the blood in an hour, they might lose Yemi.

Oyin found a taxi and set out to search for a blood bank. Just about the same time a man driving along the expressway, noticed an accidented school bus and vehicle on the side of the road. Some of the boys’ belongings were on the ground near where the collision had occurred. There was some blood on the street. A gnawing feeling made him stop to find out whether there were any survivors. He spoke to a shop owner nearby who narrated what had happened and directed him to the hospital that the children had probably been taken to. He checked 2 hospitals before getting the right one. He walked right into the nurses’ station and said he wanted to help by donating his blood. The nurse he spoke to, heaved a sigh of relief and said he was God sent. She took him to the injection room to take his blood.

Oyin had just paid for 2 pints of blood. She was being delayed by the cashier who insisted that she must collect her receipt. Oyin ran out like a mad woman. She jumped into the waiting taxi and kept checking her watch. It would take roughly 35 minutes to get back, and the 1 hour she had been given was almost up. There was traffic and the taxi driver seemed to be taking his time. Oyin was screaming at him urging him to drive faster. She remembered a short cut and asked the taxi driver to change route. This was a wrong move. The road was being repaired and traffic was even worse! She paid the taxi driver and started to walk in search of an Okada. After what seemed like an eternity, she got one.

She got off the Okada and ran towards the emergency room. A Nurse sighted her and came towards her with a sad face. She held Oyin’s hands and said, “you came too late, Ma. I’m sorry we tried our best, but we couldn’t save him”. Oyin screamed and all of a sudden wiped her tears and asked to see the child. Thankfully, it wasn’t Yemi. She then ran to the Doctor’s office to ask about Yemi.

There was a patient with the Doctor. Oyin didn’t care. “Doctor, please where is Yemi, where is my Son?”
“Madam, please calm down. Sit down first”, the Doctor said. The other patient got up and left seeing Oyin’s mood.
“Is my Son alive? ‘ Oyin asked “Just tell me the truth I can handle it, don’t tell me to calm down”. The Doctor’s reply was that he would give her the good news only if she calmed down. She agreed to do so.

The Doctor told her that if they had waited for her to return with the blood that surely, Yemi would have died. He said it was short of a miracle how a good Samaritan had walked into the hospital to donate blood and how his blood was a perfect match for Yemi. Yemi, was doing well in intensive care. He would be fine! Indeed it was a miracle!
Oyin shouted “Praise the Lord” on and on. She asked to see her Son and the good Samaritan. The Doctor got up and took her to ICU, he asked Oyin to make sure she thanked the donor. Yemi was sleeping soundly. She kissed him on the forehead and made her way to the room the Doctor had pointed out to her as the good Samaritan’s. She knocked softly. A male voice asked her to come in. Sitting on a chair by the bed was Okey! He didn’t look up immediately. Oyin’s jaw dropped! When Okey looked up and saw Oyin he was shocked beyond belief. Oyin managed to say “I came to say thank you to the man that donated blood to my Son- “Our Son”, Okey. You just saved our Son’s life”.

Okey’s eyes became full with tears. He put his hands on his head and wept bitterly. Oyin went to him and held him. All Okey could manage to say amidst tears was “Oyin, I am so so sorry, so very sorry for everything”. They hugged and Oyin took Okey by the hand to meet his youngest Son.

The End.

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