Faith and Fate 6

10 years have since passed. Oyin now resides in Ijebu Ode, her home town. She is doing well. She owns a supermarket and fashion house.
Not many could understand why a beautiful woman like Oyin, left her husband in the city to live in Ijebu Ode.
Her 2 older children are in boarding school, while the one that was a baby when she left Okey, is in primary school.

Oyin:……we pray in Jesus Name.
Yemi (Oyin’s last child): Mummy wait. We forgot to pray for my Daddy today.
Oyin: Okay Son, you go ahead and pray for your Daddy.
Yemi: Okay Mummy. Lord we are sorry we forgot to pray for  my Daddy. Lord, keep him safe from sickness and accident and provide for him. In Jesus Name we pray.

They both said Amen, though Oyin’s Amen was a little sloppy. Yemi didn’t know his Father , his unwavering insistence on saying prayers for him everyday, baffled his Mother. She didn’t want to deter him or look like the bitter wife and Okey really did need the prayers! She thought about him every now and then. How did he feel? What was he doing now and whether he had met someone else. He had caused this. He had crossed the line!

Later in Oyin’s office, Oyin’s friend, Mama Funke came visiting.

Mama Funke: Sisi Oyin, how long will you remain alone like this? You need a man to take care of you!
Oyin: Do I look like I need looking after? I’m fine and so are the boys.
Mama Funke: 10 years is a long time. Even your Husband would have moved on with someone else. You’re doing goody goody here and living as if you expect him to come back.
Oyin: For your information, he didn’t leave me. I did! Do you mind if we drop this subject. I’m not in the mood today!

Just then One of Oyin’s staff comes into her office to say some teachers from Yemi’ s School were in the reception waiting to see her. She got up quickly. She had a funny sensation in her chest and her stomach began to tighten. She had a feeling they brought bad news. Perhaps Yemi broke his arm, she thought, to think of the worst.

The bad news was that, there had been an accident. A car had collided with Yemi’s school bus. Yemi and some of his school mates had been on their way to play a friendly  match in another town. Some of the boys had died on the spot and some were badly injured. They didn’t have details of the names of the boys that died. Oyin became panicky, she remembered packing her son’s football boots that morning. “My Son is not dead. What hospital are they in?” she asked. The school staff said they were ready to take her there. Oyin and her friend sat quietly with other parents in the school bus . No one wanted to think of the worst. Oyin prayed and cried on the way.

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