Faith and Fate 4

“Baba Landlord Sir, the money and key are they for my husband?”
The Landlord laughed heartily and said, ”You are one of those women- A ba Oko ku! Don’t you need money for yourself?”

Oyin: We all need money Sir, but this is unwarranted.
Landlord: Okay, let me break it down for you. Your husband is owing me one year’s rent. I have been patient with you people long enough.
Oyin: No Sir, we are not owing you. My husband said so!
Landlord: See your mouth! Somebody wants to help you and your mouth is doing sharp sharp like Mola’s knife. If you like, throw the money away. If you like help your husband. Everything is in your hands. The key is for some privacy with you from time to time. Just a little touch to make an old man happy. You will meet me in one of my properties in Yaba. I will leave you and your husband rent free for another one year. I have always had eyes for you and even recently after this Baby, your beauty is just radiating …making my body move like a schoolboy when I see you.

The Landlord’s smile became wider as if he could picture himself on top of Oyin. Oyin was speechless. She sat bolt up and headed towards the door. The Landlord called after her “It’s better for me than that useless husband of yours who is jobless. You will soon be back begging and groveling!” He was laughing.

Oyin didn’t know what to think. What did he mean that her husband was jobless? She managed to calm herself down by the time she got to their floor. She knocked on her neighbor’s door and asked her to watch the Baby for a few minutes and also to look out for the kid’s School Bus.

She opened the door to their apartment and picked up the cash and key and half flew, half hopped all the way to the Landlord’s door. She knocked loudly and tried the door to see if it was open. It was. Chances were that the Landlord would still be seated where she had left him. He was. He was fixated on the Tv when she walked in. She walked up to him and threw the cash and key at him. This shocked him. Oyin found her way downstairs panting hard from climbing up the stairs so fast and her anger was almost choking her!

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