Faith and Fate 2

Okey got back very late. I could hear his heavy footsteps as he made his way up. There was no electricity and I heard him bump into something on the landing. I quickly got up and took a rechargeable lamp to the door so he could see his way up.

He saw me and hissed again. He was unsteady. I stretched out my hand to help him. He grunted. “Stupid woman. Look at her, very happy her husband has no money..” He stank of alcohol. I helped him in nonetheless. Just then, the baby started to cry. I helped him in, on to the sofa in the living room and went to attend to the baby. As I left Okey I heard him say “See her! She has a knack for leaving her husband when she is needed the most stupid woman…”He belched and then farted.

I returned to the living room after breastfeeding the baby, he had fallen asleep. I took off his slippers and his shokoto. There was some wee on the front. He was heavy. I couldn’t lift him up so I woke him up and dragged him to the room as best as I could. He came along. When we got to the bed, he collapsed and snored.

About 2 hours or so later when I was in deep sleep, I thought I dreamt of a hand on my breast and another on one cheek of my bottom. I wasn’t dreaming apparently. It was Okey. He tugged at my night dress and suddenly he had a burst of energy. He took my hand and guided it his cock. It was hard. Very hard. It was usually like this when he drank and when he was upset. He slapped my bottom again and said..use your brain woman ..suck it. “He lay down, and I had to kneel down between his legs and suck. Tears ran down my face. His cock smelt of sweat and urine. I sucked and cried quietly. He tugged at my nightie again and cupped my breasts while I sucked. I was counting the seconds and praying he would come soon.


  1. She doesn’t deserve all this …She needs to have a talk with him when he is sobber… and her mum needs to be a bit cautious with her words.

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