Davido and Chioma Love

How deep is your love for your man?
There’s so much that has been said about Chioma. It is said that she abandoned her University education for a man who has not only completed his own university education but who is presently serving his country as a corper. It has also been said that she is not on good terms with her family over her decision to jettison school.

Furthermore, it is said that she used to look very “homely” back in the day, and that now she shows off skin at will.
I had a discussion with a younger lady, over Chioma and Davido. She remained adamant about Chioma being in a place that most young ladies want to be in. How many of those first class materials that our nation has produced has no job and for those that have jobs, how many of them are living well?

So, what about the baby mamas he has and children I asked? Shouldn’t that put off any non-gold digging girl? No, she replied. “All that has nothing to do with gold digging”. She said, “Davido has held her out to be “The One” and that no wise girl should leave the position for just baby mama reasons. If the baby mamas were so good, then he ought to have been with either of them. She said “do you know what kind of life Chioma will be living now? The trips, the jewelry? the fame?

I imagined that she was telling me that it is okay for a woman to throw away her education over a man.

If I was to place a bet, I’d reckon that Davido would go the way of many male artistes that were before him. He’d not see reason to settle down into marriage just yet when the world is at his feet. My thoughts; no marriage for Chioma and Davido. Keep rolling your eyes because you feel I’m Judgmental but ask yourself.. is there really anything new under the Sun?

Really, is any man or woman at that, worth throwing away education or any other important endeavour for? Can love not wait if it is real love?
Would the man you give up something so important for, not look back in years to come and say that the woman does not have goals or a sense of purpose? Is Love so unruly like a weed, that it cannot be pruned or shaped. Must it be left to be expressed to the chagrin of everything else?

When a mother asks her 18-year-old daughter to move out of their home so that she can live alone with her boyfriend, is that Love too?
Is it also Love for a man to distance himself from his entire family because his woman ‘can’t stand’ them? Is that Love too?
Is the Love so sweet that a woman decides to take physical and verbal abuse consistently in a marriage or relationship?

Please let’s keep things in perspective.This Love thing may not preach equality, reason or logic, but must the price be so high that it robs the other of direction, goals, self-respect, or their future??
What kind of Love is that?

Please get your love a pair of glasses if you cannot see!


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