AL BEE KNOW! – Albino

The spelling of Albino is intentionally misspelt! It’s the same way many of us intentionally or unintentionally stare or go out of our way to make people we feel are different on the outside, feel really bad and out of it!

Think of anything – to be born with a huge birthmark on the face, to have one leg longer than the other, to be born with a stump of a limb or excessive facial hair that’s not pretty, or to have had dark spots on both legs all your life. The spots were so bad that you were called mosquito legs, or vacuum cleaner nose because your nose was a little wider than most! How about being called “Madara” – meaning milk, in Hausa (you can guess why) or even to imagine that one cannot control one’s own muscular movements and that all people do around you, is whisper and stare in pity!

Or perhaps it’s not even physical at all, but just because you don’t share the same background as those around you, don’t speak with a slur or accent, don’t dress like “dem” you mentally pound yourself with a mortar and kill your self-confidence!

Looking different doesn’t mean born different. These days, it’s so important to us to fit in! Imagine that you were that person you see as being different, how would you want to be treated? How would you want to live your life? What would your expectations be from your loved ones? How would you feel if you got to know that you were a source of shame to your family and friends? And that they were only nice to you in the confines of your room?

How many parents have shunned their children from playing with another child with special needs because they were afraid that the incommunicable challenges would “catch” their children?

Think of these things when you meet someone who cannot walk or talk or be like you! And don’t let anyone determine your aspirations for you because you don’t fit into their little box of expectations.

Live by you, proudly!

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