A Toxic Relationship; Signs That You Are In One

In a toxic relationship the behavior of the toxic partner is such that is characterized by negative emotions and not infrequently becomes physical on the other partner. It takes two to have a toxic relationship.

8 signs of a toxic relationship

  1. Volatility – Partner A is perpetually walking on eggshells. Partner B is easily and frequently incensed
  2. There is constant judgement. You never get things right
  3. Persistent self-betrayal
  4. Feelings of unworthiness
  5. Passive aggressive behavior
  6. Persistent unreliability
  7. Never ending drama
  8. Both of you don’t share the same values


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I envision Hilda’s Shoulder to be a relationship park-a place you go to learn, vent and share. I have another understanding of the word relationship -I don’t think it is for people dating only. A marriage is a relationship too, and one which needs great rela- tions in the SHIP called home!
Hilda’s Shoulder is a place where we virtually hold hands like - real friends should. If you want to come anonymously...we understand ..still come! Hilda’s shoulder is here for you!


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